Berries are Safe from Chefmaster , which includes Adam and Eva brands". The supplier we are using is from Chile, Please Read Here for more information on the International Standard Quality Systems of our suppliers.

Chefmaster as a Company was instigated and commenced some 12 years ago in Melbourne Australia.

In the last seven years under the helm of Garrey Wynd, owner and major shareholder, Chefmaster has gone from strength to strength, with our huge range of Dried Foods, Spices and Frozen Berries providing our food service wholesalers and clients a consistent quality and range to suit their culinary needs.

Chefmaster packs a wide range of products for all major and regional foodservice wholesalers throughout Victoria and Tasmania, sourcing products from Australia and Global Food Brokers, ensuring the customer needs are met with quality and consistency on all occasions. Our products are packaged into cost effective packets that ensure freshness and practical handling.

Food safety procedures based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are very strict, plus all employees, are qualified in food handling procedures, ensuring that product will be packed and delivered with all the care and attention to legal requirements and Customer stipulations.

The Food Wholesalers that Chefmaster deliver too, then, on sell to Restaurants, Hotel Bistros, Motels, Cafes, Caterers, School and Industrial Canteens, Aged Care, Reception Centres, Ships Provedores, Hostels, Sporting Clubs and Government Institutions.

At a recent food forum, Garrey was noted as stating, that one of Chefmaster's real strong points was "consistency across product selection,pricing, packaging and execution to market."